References Sourcing and Quality Assurance

For many years, numerous large groups of companies as well as medium-sized businesses have been relying on Cisema for their service requirements in the area of purchasing and quality assurance for China.

We especially enjoy the confidence of renowned businesses in the steel and agricultural technology industries, but also other companies from virtually every industry have had positive experiences with Cisema. See for yourself – take a look at the following testimonials.

Upon request we will be glad to let you have more detailed information about these businesses. In order to protect our customers we check the identity of companies who ask us for information.

The step of strengthening our purchasing activities in China regarding quality assurance has been a target for our company for a long time. With our company history of nearly five hundred years we understand ourselves as a traditional company with the utmost commitment to quality. Thanks to the quality experts of Cisema locally operating in China we can be sure that our standards for connecting parts, for example couplers and nuts which we buy in China, are observed carefully. The expert scrutiny by Cisema executed on site has allowed us to reduce our testing costs significantly. We also especially appreciate the problem-free communication with Cisema’s team in Munich and are glad to be able to rely on such an experienced partner.
An international steel producer

We have been successfully cooperating with Cisema for nearly four years; in particular, we have been using the physical control of goods before shipment. Our suppliers are dispersed very widely throughout China, a fact that causes us to encounter considerable challenges posed by the geographical dimensions, which we have to overcome. However, thanks to the dynamic of Cisema’s team the quality of our products is comprehensively guaranteed.
A renowned manufacturer of tools

For us Cisema is an important partner for the identification and evaluation of potential suppliers in China. As one of the world’s largest companies for home appliances, we have to rely on very thorough checks of our suppliers. The numerous pre-audits ordered from and done
directly on-site in China by Cisema have served us as a good basis for deciding
our further strategies. Currently Cisema is doing quality testing of three
suppliers. Overall we are
very satisfied and can recommend the services of the company.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances

Due to Chinese regulations we often have to resort to locally manufactured goods for our orders, but as as traditional Swabian company we want to assure that these also meet our German standards. Therefore we have been using the services of Cisema’s quality assurance teams since approximately one year ago for the purchase of this “local content“ and we have been very satisfied with the service. The good positioning of the locations in Hangzhou, Shenzen and Beijing as well as the high quality of the teams in these locations makes it possible for us to obtain the best suppliers, for example for chip conveyors, enclosures and mounting plates. Due to the ongoing monitoring provided by Cisema we can be confident to be able to enjoy only the highest reliability of our purchasing channels when accepting orders including „local content’ in „The Middle Kingdom“ on a long-term basis.
A globally operating steel producer

Especially for medical products quality has top priority. We have been Cisema’s customer since 2010 and have been very satisfied with the quality assurance service. We are a manufacturer of medical products and have been looked after by the office in Hangzhou. We are sure that Cisema has been contributing significantly to this smooth process.
A specialty manufacturer of medical products