FAQ Certification

Q: How much time is required for CCC certification?
A: For the initial certifications you have to calculate at least 5-6 months. For specific product groups the required time frame can be considerably longer than that.

Q: What are the main steps to obtain a CCC certificate?
A: 1) Application, 2) Tests, 3) Factory inspection. Only if all 3 points have been completed successfully a CCC certificate is issued.

Q: Will test reports by accredited laboratories or other homology leaders be accepted for the certification?
A: Usually not. For electronics products you can submit CB test reports. However, very often afterwards there will be additional requests on the reports and therefore a very large expenditure of time is to be expected. It is possible that after long discussions and adaptation and clarification the reports will still not be accepted.

Q: In case a valid CCC certificate already exists, does a factory inspection have to be done again?
A: For companies from outside of China usually not.

Q: What are the main issues during factory inspection?
A: Whether a basic quality management which is able to conform to the certification’s requirements has been established and is practiced. Also an issue is whether the information on the submitted forms matches the reality.

Q: When can I apply the CCC logo to the certified products?
A: Here you have to make the distinction between two options:
1) You are allowed do the labeling yourself. In this case you have to obtain a permit for the label’s design first. You can apply for it as soon as the CCC certificate is valid.
2) The CCC labeling has to be done with registered CCC logo stickers. These can also be used if you do not seek any permit for labeling, for example for small-series production. The stickers can be bought from the certification authority in charge as soon as a valid certificate has been issued.