HAF604 Certification

The Chines HAF604 certification regulates the design and manufacture of civilian nuclear safety-related equipment produced outside of China.

As with all the other certification processes in China, Cisema offers a wide range of consultancy services to obtain the HAF604 registration:

  1. Ascertain the HAF604 certification obligation
  2. Unit definition for the HAF604 registration
  3. Check if non-applicability might hold
  4. Support with the application and translation into Chinese
  5. Purchase and translation of the Chinese GB-Standards
  6. Coordination of the technical review and/or inspection with NRS (Nuclear Radiation and Safety Centre)
  7. Coordination of the final inspection and approval by NRS


Time-table to obtain a HAF604 certificate:

Step 1 and 2: Approximately three weeks

Step 3: A non-applicability confirmation can usually be obtained within a week

Step 4: Another week for the preparation

Step 5: Optional, depends on the test components

Step 6: Can take up to ten weeks

Step 7: Expected to take nine weeks

Means – a typical HAF604 certification process will take between nine and twelve months.


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