Mission / Vision

Our Aim: Quality for China – Quality Worldwide

Through our work we want to contribute to reaching new heights of quality between China and the rest of the world and while doing so, show a level of service against which other companies can measure themselves. Especially in the area of certification for China we have been the first ones since the beginning and until today are still the best – a standard which we want and will retain.

We are proud to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers and believe that customer satisfaction is the main reason for the success of any company. We provide quality to our customers, so that they can pass it on. In this way we generate added value for both economy and society and thus strengthen businesses worldwide.

We invite you to develop, together with us, the continued assurance and improvement of quality in various industries. For making China an open market to you. For the removal of all and any walls:

Quality for You in China – Cisema.