Quality Assurance

Where the quality assurance of products purchased in China is concerned you should not accept any compromises. Purchase advantages can quickly dissolve into thin air if massive and /or repetitive quality losses occur.

In China’s mass production a product’s quality is considered to be achieved once size, measurements, colour and shape of the final product match the order at first glance. Also problematic is the long transport time by sea. Even obvious errors and defects will only be discovered at reception in the target country, at which time the production has been running with these faults for five or six weeks, and an enormous waste has already occured. For this reason, we assist the Chinese suppliers specified by the customer and their sub-contractors with their  product-oriented quality assurance, to the point of  process-oriented quality management.

Firstly, we will monitor and document the production of samples by audited and certified suppliers. In volume production the goods will be checked according to requirements, complaints will be handled and the suppliers’ performance will be continually refined. At Cisema we have developed our services for you in a modular structure, so that you can fully rely on our transparency and flexibility. Take a look at our references to convince yourself of our competence.

Our services will be agreed upon with the customer according to the requirements and implemented with the cooperation partners. In most cases a sequence structure according to the following approach is suggested:

  1. Evaluation and auditing of the supplier.
  2. Inspection of the primary and intermediate products during production and final acceptance of the finished goods.
  3. Handling of complaints and monitoring of the implementation of corrective actions.
  4. Continuous refinement of the suppliers towards better quality, faster response times and more favorable contract terms.

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