Information about Certifications for China

Where certifications for China are concerned, Cisema can offer services – amongst others – in these three main areas: CCC certification, SELO licensing of pressure vessels and labeling with Energy Efficiency Labels (EEL).

  • CCC stands for China Compulsory Certification. As the name already implies, this is a compulsory certification which is required for certain goods to be able to import them into the People’s Republic of China and sell them there. Click here to learn more about CCC
  • A China Manufacturer License (SELO approval) of the authority SELO is strictly necessary for product areas concerning pressure vessels and steam boilers. Matching products are not allowed to be imported and distributed without the relevant license. Click here in order to learn more about the certification of pressure vessels
  • The EEL certification process certifies products according to their energy efficiency criteria. Click here in order to learn more about ELAC certification

Besides assistance for obtaining these certificates Cisema also offers post-certification services as for example obtaining renewals, extensions and modifications of existing certificates, permits and licenses.

Additionally there is a range of services of Cisema in the area of CCC certification which help you to import goods without obtaining a certificate.

  • CCC negative certificates (DFC: Define for Free of CCC, CNC – Certificate of Non-Applicability of CCC): These are for goods which do not require a CCC but despite this have been held by customs due to suspicions of certification obligations.
  • Exemptions: For goods which require CCC but qualify for exemption certificates due to their designated use or low quantity.