Energy Label Certification for China

For some specific products like for example electric motors and household appliances the ELAC certificate provides required proof that the product fulfills China’s energy efficiency criteria.

In context with the government’s plan to convert the industry in China more and more into an environmentally friendly high-tech industry, the government has issued requirements for numerous products, which are intended to ensure the efficient use of the supplied electricity. In the area of ELAC certification, the product test is particularly important as it is especially challenging and only a few laboratories can provide the necessary technology.

Many businesses encounter problems during the ELAC certification as the Chinese certification authorities’ numerous requirements are often difficult to fulfill or there are misunderstandings during the application for a certificate.

For this reason Cisema offers the full range of relevant services for a speedy and unproblematic certification. Thanks to skilled personnel and excellent relations to the Chinese authorities, Cisema has been setting standards until today wherever optimal certification is required within a manageable time frame. You also can rely on our assistance during the yearly follow-up activities.

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