Foreign Trade News – Valuable information about your China business / October 2019

1. China – Change in the CCC certification of interior material from 17.10.2019

According to the CNCA Announcement 44/2019 the product categories “automotive interior” and “safety glas” are out of CCC scope since 17.10.2019.

We assume that the certification organization for automotive homologation, CQC, will enquire for a voluntary certification of these products.

The certification organization CCAP has accepted to convert existing CCC certificates into CCAP certificates without additional cost for the applicant.

To maintain the validation of CCAP certificates the regulation is similar as for the CCC certification:

  • One Audit by CCAP auditors per year;
  • Yearly samples and requalification tests are furthermore necessary.

The CCC marking is to be stopped as soon as possible. The existing marked parts can remain with CCC mark.

In the next days we expect to receive further Information from the Chinese authorities on the topic of voluntary certification and marking guideline. We will keep you updated.

2. 18 product groups no longer relevant for CCC certification

On 17. Oct. 2019 the authorities CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) announced in their announcement 44/2019 that 18 product groups are removed from the mandatory certification according to CCC (China Compulsory Certification). This applies with effect from the date of publication.

Affected companies can switch to voluntary certification by a Chinese certification organization. According to current information, this is free of charge until further notice. In some cases, the certification organization will even convert the affected certificates automatically.

Labelling with the CCC logo is no longer permitted for affected product groups.

According to already published specifications for products previously exempted from the certification obligation, the former certificate holder is allowed to remove the marking at his discretion and under consideration of his processes as soon as possible.

For already labelled products, no problems with Chinese customs are to be expected.

This can be due to demands from Chinese consumers, or to certification organizations for product approvals of products requiring certification in which these components are assembled (such as in motor vehicles).

Nr. Product category Product group and group code Relevant CNCA implementation rule
1 Wire and Cable Wire and cable for railway rolling stock with rated voltage of 3kV and below (0103) CNCA-C01-01
2 Electrical tools Electric screwdriver and impact wrench (0502) CNCA-C05-01
3 Electrical tools Sanding machine (0504) CNCA-C05-01
4 Electrical tools Circular saw (0505) CNCA-C05-01
5 Electric welder Small AC arc welder (0601) CNCA-C06-01
6 Electric welder AC arc welder (0602) CNCA-C06-01
7 Electric welder Submerged arc welding machine (0606) CNCA-C06-01
8 Electric welder Plasma arc welder (0608) CNCA-C06-01
9 Electric welder Arc welding transformer anti-shock device (0609) CNCA-C06-01
10 Electric welder Welding cable coupling device (0610) CNCA-C06-01
11 Electric welder Resistance welding machine (0611) CNCA-C06-01
12 Audio and video equipment Monitor (0809) CNCA-C08-01
13 Audio and video equipment Tuning receivers and radios for various broadcast bands (0804) CNCA-C08-01
14 Motor vehicle and safety accessory Motor Vehicle Interior Trimming and Insultion Material Products (1111) CNCA-C09-11
15 Motor vehicle and safety accessory Motor vehicle door locks and door retainers (1112) CNCA-C09-12
16 Safety glass Railway vehicle safety glass (1303) CNCA-C13-01
17 Telecommunications terminal equipment Landline telephone terminal and phone connection (1603) CNCA-C16-01
18 Telecommunications terminal equipment PBX telephone system (1605) CNCA-C16-01

3. 17 further product groups added to the manufacturer declaration system

In Furthermore, 17 additional products subject to CCC were included in the system for manufacturer declaration (self-declaration / declaration of conformity).

Until 31. December 2019 affected certificate holders can choose whether they want to remain with the previous certification system (type test, factory inspection) or switch to the manufacturer declaration system (usually no factory inspection necessary).

For this purpose, a specific application must be submitted to the responsible certification organization.

As of 01. January 2020, CCC certificates will no longer be issued for first-time certifications (there is no valid CCC certificate yet) for the products concerned. Instead, applications for manufacturer declarations must be submitted.

By 31 October 2020, existing CCC certificates must be converted to the manufacturer declaration system. Please note that the application must be made to the authority CNCA and not to the Chinese certification organizations.

As of 01. November 2020, existing CCC certificates will be cancelled. The CNCA authority will withdraw the product groups from the approval of the individual certification organization for CCC certification.

The previous CCC certificate holder is free to switch to a voluntary certification of the certification organization. In such a case, the manufacturer’s declaration would still have to be applied for.


Type A: Test reports can be used from any accredited test laboratory and possibly even from a companies’ own laboratory.
Type B: Test laboratories that have been accredited for CCC must be used.

# Product category Product group and group code Relevant CNCA implementation rule Type Remark
1 Electrical tools Electric drill (0501) CNCA-C05-01 A New
2 Electrical tools Electric grinder (0503) CNCA-C05-01 A New
3 Electrical tools Electric hammer (0506) CNCA-C05-01 A New
4 Electric welder DC arc welding machine (0603) CNCA-C06-01 A
5 Electric welder TIG arc welder (0604) CNCA-C06-01 A
6 Electric welder MIG/MAG arc welder (0607) CNCA-C06-01 A
7 Electric welder Plasma arc cutting machine (0605) CNCA-C06-01 A
8 Circuit switch and electrical device for protection or connection Thermal fuse (0205) CNCA-C02-01 B New
9 Circuit switch and electrical device for protection or connection Tubular fuse of miniature fuse (0207) CNCA-C02-01 B New
10 Circuit switch and electrical device for protection or connection Leakage protector (0306) CNCA-C02-01 B New
11 Low voltage electrical appliance Circuit breaker (0307) CNCA-C03-02 B New
12 Low voltage electrical appliance Fuse(0308) CNCA-C03-02 B New
13 Low voltage electrical appliance Low-voltage switch (isolator, isolating switch, fuse combination) (0302) CNCA-C03-02 B New
14 Low voltage electrical appliance Other circuit protection devices (0304, 0307, 0309) CNCA-C03-02 B New
15 Low voltage electrical appliance Relay (0303) CNCA-C03-02 B New
16 Low voltage electrical appliance Other switches (0305) CNCA-C03-02 B New
17 Low voltage electrical appliance Other devices (0304, 0305) CNCA-C03-02 B New
18 Low voltage electrical appliance Low-voltage switchgear (0301) CNCA-C04-01 B
19 Low power motor Low power motor (0401) CNCA-C03-01 B
20 Household and similar equipment Motor-Compressor (0704) CNCA-C07-01 B
21 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Safety belts (1104) CNCA-C11-04 B New
22 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Motor vehicle exterior lighting and light signal devices (1109, 1116) CNCA-C11-09;


B New
23 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Motor vehicle seats and headrests (1114) CNCA-C11-14 B New
24 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Motor vehicle exterior lighting and light signal devices (1110, 1115) CNCA-C11-08;


25 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Vehicle journey data recorder (1117) CNCA-C11-13 B
26 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Retroreflective markings for vehicle bodies (1118) CNCA-C11-14 B
27 Safety glass Safety glass for motor vehicles (1301) CNCA-C13-01 B New
28 Information technology equipment, audio and video equipment Equipment with a nominal rated voltage of 5 VDC or less, a nominal rated power consumption of less than 15 W (or 15 VA). And equipment without rechargeable battery (Class III equipment). A New

4. Cisema CCC – Services

In 2002, the year of its establishment, CISEMA had been the first Company that could provide CCC services WORLDWIDE thanks to skilled personnel and excellent established relationship to Chinese authorities – wherever a smooth certification is required within a manageable time frame.

More than 1.000 customers coming from the automotive sector, machine and plant engineering, medical technology or electronic industry trust our globally available services. With our assistance, business processes to and from China can be optimized.

We offer the full range of relevant CCC SERVICES for a speedy and unproblematic certification.

  • Determine whether goods require CCC certification.
  • Support for voluntary certification (NEW)
  • Support for Self-Declaration (NEW)
  • Consultation and assistance in applying for the certificate at authorized Chinese certification organizations, as well as the settlement of authority fees.
  • Support for the preparation, execution and settlement of necessary tests in China including clarification of the required test samples, assistance with the import of test samples, and collection of test reports.
  • Assistance with the coordination and execution of required factory inspections, including information concerning the inspection’s contents and process, as well as taking care of the Chinese inspectors prior to, during and after the inspection. Also, not to be underestimated, offering technical assistance and interpreter services during the inspection.
  • Assistance with follow-up inspections, renewal of the designated permit and creation of the Annual Verification Reports

China – CCC Certification Obligation Lifted for Numerous Products

On 15.06.2018 the authorities SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) and CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) published in their announcement 11/2018 that for some product groups the mandatory certification according to CCC (China Compulsory Certification) is going to be converted into a manufacturer’s declaration as of 01.10.2018, similar to the CE marking. The previously obligatory factory inspection is no longer necessary. Instead, documentation on product safety and safety risks will be required.

A distinction is made between two types for the manufacturer’s declaration process:

Type A
Test reports can be used from any accredited test laboratory and possibly even from a companies’ own laboratory.

Type B
Test laboratories that have been accredited for CCC must be used.

Companies wishing to retain the previous method of the CCC certification can apply for this.

The information currently provided on the implementation of the Manufacturer’s Declaration and the transition is still incomplete. We expect further details by October. In particular: how, where and from what date the manufacturer’s declarations are to be submitted.

Affected product groups for a declaration of conformity:

Product group Applicable implementation rule Type
Low voltage switch equipment: complete power switch equipment, bus main line system (bus slot), distribution board, low voltage set of reactive power compensation device CNCA-C03-01:2014 A
Low-power motor CNCA-C04-01:2014 B
Small AC arc welder;AC arc welder;

DC arc welder;

TIG arc welding machine;

MIG/MAG arc welder;

Arcing welding machine;

Plasma arc cutter;

Plasma arc welding machine;

Arc welding Transformer anti-electric shock device;

Welding cable coupling device;

Resistance welder;

Silk delivery device;

TIG welding torch;

MIG/MAG welding gun;

Electric pliers.

CNCA-C06-01:2014 B
Motor-Compressor CNCA-C07-01:2017 B
Equipment with nominal rated voltage less than or equal to 5V DC, nominal rated power consumption less than 15W (or 15VA) and no rechargeable battery in information technology equipment, audio and video equipment (Category III equipment) CNCA-C08-01:2014CNCA-C09-01:2014 B
Motor Vehicle Interior Trimming CNCA-C11-09:2014 B
Motor vehicle door locks and door retainers CNCA-C11-10:2014 B


It was also announced that a reduction of the CCC certification scope was made. Several products are not requiring the certification anymore. The amendment will come into force on the date of publication, that is June 16th 2018.

The responsible certification organizations are instructed to cancel affected certificates immediately.

The certification organizations offer the companies concerned to convert their existing CCC certificates into voluntary certification. Under certain circumstances, the CCC logo may no longer be used, but may have to be changed to the logo of the certification organization. Voluntary certification can make sense to distinguish a company from its competitors or due to consumer expectations.

We consult and support you in the changeover to the new system, as well as in the transfer of the previous CCC certification to a voluntary certification for the Chinese market.

No longer relevant for certification:

Product group Applicable implementation rule
Plug socket and appliance couplers (for industrial use) CNCA-C02-01:2014
Construction site complete equipment (ACS); power distribution equipment for public grid CNCA-C03-01:2014
Non-flammable liquid electric spray gun; electric scissors; threading machine; electric chain saw; electric planer; electric pruning shears CNCA-C05-01:2014
Video(display) tube; antenna amplifier CNCA-C08-01:2014
Computer game machine; computer learning machine CNCA-C09-01:2014
Motorcycle engine CNCA-C11-03:2014
Motor vehicle horn CNCA-C11-05:2014
Motor vehicle brake hose / tube CNCA-C11-06:2014
Motor vehicle fuel tank CNCA-C11-11:2014
Modem (with card); ISDN Terminator CNCA-C16-01:2014
Flammable gas alarm products; electrical fire surveillance system CNCA-C18-01:2014
Aerosol fire extinguishing device CNCA-C18-03:2014
Motor vehicle theft alarm system CNCA-C19-01:2014
Wireless LAN products CNCA-C20-01:2007
Concrete antifreeze CNCA-C21-01:2014


For further information on the above topics, please contact:

Cisema GmbH Austria
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CCC certification – Dimensions of interior and insulation materials in the automotive sector further clarified

On 01.01.2015 the new implementation rule of the CNCA[1] (CNCA-C11-09: 2014) for automotive interiors and insulation materials became effective. With this provision, a number of new components fell into the scope of the CCC certification. This resulted in an increase in the number of applications for the CCC certification of products whose relevance was not evident.

Therefore, the competent Commission felt forced to publish a further precision of the rule in December, 2015. Based on the experiences of the previous year, especially in frame parts, components covering fully a rectangle with the standard dimensions of 356 x 100 mm will be considered for certification. By the final decision on the certification requirement, the geometry of the component is clearly in the foreground. For example, a large part with a plurality of holes, one of which covers more than 50% of the total, will not be eligible for certification, if the test sample cannot be cut to the required shape and size. In cases of doubt, the respective Chinese certification organization must establish an individual decision. Previously, smaller components have been accepted for certification, if only the standard dimensions in terms of length and width could be reached (for example in the form of a triangle). For affected components, the certification can be maintained or be dissolved upon request.

[1] Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China

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