Pressure Vessel Licensing for China

The SELO’s China Manufacturer Licence (SELO approval) is an approval procedure for the manufacturer’s qualification for the production of pressure-bearing products like pressure vessels (heat exchangers), boiler, pipes, safety parts, etc. according to Chinese guidelines.

The pressure vessels themselves, for example steam boilers or tanks, as well as the associated valves and parts not only have to withstand the pressure conditions but also environmental influences such as extreme temperatures or corrosion.

Many businesses have been encountering problems during the licensing of pressure vessels as the Chines certification authorities’ numerous requirements are often difficult to meet or there are misunderstandings during the application for a certificate. For this reason, considerable delays or serious errors occur frequently during the issue of the certificate or the manpower used up in the certification process rises to an unexpectedly high level.

That is why Cisema offers the full range of relevant services for a speedy and unproblematic certification. Thanks to skilled personnel and excellent relations to the Chinese authorities Cisema has been setting standards until today wherever optimal certification is required within a manageable time frame.

The services offered regarding certification of pressure vessels and steam boilers include:

  • Determine the obligation to certify goods. Assistance with the preparation of necessary application forms. Application for the approval procedure at the Chinese certification authority SELO.
  • Support for the preparation, execution and settlement of the tests of safety parts in China, including clarification of the required test samples and collection of test reports.
  • Assistance, preparation and professional support at the factory inspection, including information concerning the inspection’s contents and sequence, as well as taking care of the Chinese inspectors prior to, during and after the inspection. Also, not to be underestimated, offering technical assistance and interpreter services during the inspection.
  • Assistance in case of modifications or re-certifications.

Important news: A quality manual (QMH) according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is not sufficient any more to gain SELO approval. The QMH has to fulfill the Chinese requirements according to TSG Z0004-2007 and is to be provided in English language. Cisema can also do this challenging task for you.

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