Sales Support

You have recognized China’s potential as a market for your products? We will make sure that your vision will become reality. From market analysis to Office-in-Office packages – we will provide you with the best basis to enter the market

With our deep understanding of the Chinese culture and decades of experience we will create success factors for you which will make your access to the market in China considerably easier. Take a look at our references to become completely convinced of our competence.

Due to their broad technical experience and their customer focus, Cisema GmbH’s staff members are sought-after partners with both customers as well as manufacturers, when it comes to after-sales service.

Due to the geographical distances and differences in mentality between business partners in Europe and China, problems are just easier to solve locally. The Cisema GmbH with its local representatives offers support services on the highest level.

Your advantage: Communication without barriers, even for technical matters.

Without any barriers in communication, the Chinese business partner will be able to approach his individual contact at Cisema in his own language and describe his problem to him. Cisema will then inform the European business partner accordingly. At Cisema we are completely familiar with the needs and requirements of the Austrian, German and European clients. We are able to represent the interests of our customers to full extent, so that problems can be removed without involving our clients’ staff capacities.

With us you can profit from a wealth of technical knowledge which has been growing over decades. This allows the staff members of Cisema GmbH to handle numerous after-sales service activities themselves, for example repair, replacement, maintenance or warranty processing. For specific tasks we also employ specialized companies who guarantee a smooth execution of the order. In both cases the effort of the customer will be minimized.

We are working according to a well-structured and transparent process:

  1. Review of the after-sales contract and determination of the tasks’ scope on site.
  2. Advice and assistance for the procurement of spare parts (import and customs clearance).
  3. Management of the relations between the business partners.
  4. Efficient handling of required tasks.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries or to ask us for a non-binding offer. You can contact us at +43 (0) 1 405 2952-00 or via e-mail.